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At Spacebase we believe in the potential that a great atmosphere can spark - principles equally important to our team culture and the way we work. Our goal is to provide a workplace that lets you strive and be your best self.

Julian Jost

Founder & CEO

Our Values - We bring together a team of ambitious, caring and pragmatic entrepreneurs.


Founded in Berlin & Cape Town ♥️


happy Users served with great spaces

4.7 ⭐️

Average Review Score at more than 10.000+ reviews


People working at Spacebase - dedicated to great meeting experiences

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The operations team is here to support our customers and venues on every step of the booking process. Before, during, and after the event - we make sure everything is running smoothly (and fix things if they have been less smooth than expected). Regularly, our team comes up with new processes and ideas for software improvements.

Ultimately, we are driven by our desire to help our customers to have the best experience possible. To achieve this, we work with every team within the company and every stakeholder outside.

Playing a crucial part in every step of the business makes this team special - and creates a special atmosphere. We are extremely driven and quick - but also surprisingly laid back. A weird mix. But it just works.


In a fast-paced work environment, it takes a unified and committed team to stay competitive and achieve goals. Join our marketing team to benefit from the experienced and internationally diverse colleagues , while contributing your best work in tackling growth, search relevance and conversion challenges - all while maintaining a great experience for users. Create a real impact with individual initiative and make your voice heard in an open collaborative team environment.

Space Management

Our Space Management Team is responsible for the amazing portfolio of spaces on our websites. We are working closely with our locations to enable them to do what they are best at: delivering an exceptional experience for our customers.

The team is creating FAQ articles, webinars, videos, events and email outreaches to explain how to use the platform and serve as many clients as possible in the best possible way. We are also replying to questions and requests from venues and come up with software ideas to help with the most common requests. Inside the company, we are the voice of the locations.

We are very proud to work with our locations - they are what makes Spacebase so special. For us, our work has the perfect mix between strategic long-term projects and day-to-day operations.

Product & Tech

Spacebase tech team is a small but skilled team that works to make our product the best in the market. We work in a fast pace, but relaxed environment, to expand our system with quality code in market times.

We care about our team member needs and so we provide all the tools to work in the best production environment; we communicate often, but allow time and place flexibility to keep a healthy work-life balance.

We are a diverse team and we value everyone's contribution, so we welcome any candidate that wants to take care of building our product together we use.

Our Benefits

We take care of our team

Top of Market Pay

Great achievement deserves great reward. We are seeking great talents and pay accordingly.

Flexible Work hours

We hate long & useless hours. We care about the outcome and are very flexible in accommodating schedules.

Remote work

Our distributed team works very effectively with remote colleagues - our passion for personal meetings (surprise) ensures we stay connected.

Public Transport

We are a doorstep away from public transport and cover ticket costs.


Applying from abroad? No worries, we'll help you figure out the German bureaucracy.

We ♥️ Our Office

Our offices are centrally located and provide all the perks you can think of - we are true coffee-nistas.

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The investment I made in the company rewarded me two times over. I was able to give input from day 1!

Dieter Embrecht

Operations Intern

Great work environment - just the best team to work with and opportunities for personal development.


Key Account Management

Application Process

Our recruiting process is fast and focussed on finding great colleagues that are excited to join our mission. We make sure that you get to know the people you'll be working with well so you that you are convinced when making a decision.

1. Apply Now

Applying at Spacebase is always a great idea and with our application form it only takes a few minutes. Linkedin or Xing CV is sufficient.

2. Discovery Call

One of our colleagues is reaching out to you to get to know you better and understand your expectations and preferences and to align the following interview process. This usually takes 15min.

3. Meet the team

You'll be meeting your future colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about your experiences and skills. You'll get a good understanding of what's it like to work in the role. This happens virtually and in person.

4. Final Interview

You'll have the chance to align with our management team about your motivation and expectation on the job. We want to make sure that when you join our team you can be your best self and we provide everything you need for this.

5. Welcome to the team!

Now we are all excited. You'll receive an offer via email followed by your contract and then it's time to get going.

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is when we started in Berlin & Cape Town


are dedicated to delivering great experiences that change the way people meet

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4.7 ⭐️

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CEO & Founder

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We have been awarded many times and continue to change the way people meet.

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